My name is Tracy Krause and I possess a unique mix of brand expertise, entrepreneurship and have a well-earned reputation in today’s competitive Asia Pacific market to be one of the leading consultants integrating good online marketing strategy.

How do I do it?

I believe in the value of establishing enduring relationships.  My motto? “Only deal with nice people” – Yes truly – may sound corny but ‘life is too short.’’

I love what I do!

Apart from being a die hard foodie, I am also a die hard geek!  I actively work on introducing new technologies to my clients; I actively find easier, better ways of doing things; iPad/iPhone apps; social media introduction; community building; web portals; customer and staff engagement strategies and  diy options for my clients.  This means I look beyond brand identity. I consider the entire business and employ good change management practices, slick communication and solid strategy. I’m hands on in my approach.

So follow my blog, or follow me on twitter / facebook / Linkedin / youtube / printerest / google+, whatever takes your fancy.

I will keep up the clever ideas; my restaurant and hotel picks; my latest must haves; important information for online marketing; apps; and generally everything encompassing the fact that ‘I love what I do!”


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